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Subscribe! (And the first edition of Weekly Time Wasters)


The News

In an act of shameless self-promotion, I bring you the “Subscribe” button!  It is located over on the right sidebar, and it’s a fast an easy way to keep up with the stories by receiving news of updates right in your email, rather than relying on Facebook or Twitter to let you know.  Because I’m sure you want to read every single word I write.  Yep.

This week’s Time Wasters

This is where I share what I did all week (hint: nothing productive).  Mostly this will consist of a hodgepodge of fun and (hopefully) interesting links, maybe a video or two, or anything I can’t stop talking/raving/thinking about.

HelloGiggles is one of my new favorite websites.  Founded by internet sensation Molly McAleer, reality TV producer/writer Sophia Rossi, and the ever-adorable actress and singer Zooey Deschanel, this website is more about sass and optimism than anything else.

This photo of Rupert Grint.  Because I really like the idea that the Harry Potter kids, you know, love each other and will be bestest friends forever.

The Happy Feet 2 trailer.  Seriously.  If you can watch this without smiling once, I don’t think we can be friends.

Aaannndd…I think that’s it for this week.  I waste my time in lots of ways, but I’ll save some links for later.